I come back here, after years without posting , to announce the recent publication of the book

Cognitive Science – Recent Advances and Recurring Problems

by Fred Adams, Osvaldo Pessoa and Joao Kogler  –  Vernon Press, 2017 – link

EBICC 2015 Book

The book organized by Fred, Osvaldo and me, besides of our own contributions presents chapters written by several experienced authors from many areas of Cognitive Science, featuring recent advances, and also discussion chapters about recurring problems. The areas covered by the book comprehend cognitive architectures, computational models, connectionist  implementations, philosophical disquisitions on consciousness, content, representations, ethical issues on cognitive technologies and transhumanism, autonomy, neuroscience advances on connectome, on visual perception,  language and meaning, theories and modeling of cognition, issues on computational simulation, and historical aspects of cognitive neuroscience.

A complete description of the contents with the  book introduction and table of contents is available here, for online reading and download.

My own contribution is a chapter written with Paulo Santos, who works on mathematical logics of spatial reasoning. Our chapter addresses questions about the mathematical nature of cognitive and perceptual processes. There we argue that cognition and perception can be characterized as processes with distinct mathematical structure, apart form the physical nature of the underlying substrata where these processes take place, either in natural agents (animals) or in artificial ones (robots or embedded architectures).

Information, context and structure in cognition – by J.E.Kogler Jr. and P.E. Santos – In book: Cognitive Science: Recent Advances and Recurring Problems –  Chapter 11

Here, more details about the chapter.

The book arose from a congress workshop organized by me and Osvaldo Pessoa in 2015, occasion when many of the authors had met each other for the first time. The aim of this workshop is to promote collaborative work, by catalyzing the process of collective creation through ideas exchange and debate with close contact.

10th International Brazilian Meeting on Cognitive Science – Main theme: Situated and Embodied Cognition – When: December 7-11, 2015 – Venue: University of São Paulo, São Paulo city, Brazil – website: http://www.lsi.usp.br/ebicc-2015/

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On 2017 the 11th edition of EBICC took place also in University of São Paulo, however the publication of a similar work is still in consideration. I will come back with further news about it.