The Elsevier journal of Cognitive Systems Research dedicated a special issue to publish expanded versions of selected papers presented at the workshop EBICC 2015. These are outstanding works available both in printed version of volumes 41 and 43 of the journal, and online following the link below:

Cognitive Systems Research – special issue – EBICC 2015

Guest Editors – Joao Kogler and Osvaldo Pessoa – Elsevier Journal – Editor Peter Érdi –  June 2017

This special issue summary contents are available in this other link for download.

EBICC 2015 Journal


10th International Brazilian Meeting on Cognitive Science – Main theme: Situated and Embodied Cognition – When: December 7-11, 2015 – Venue: University of São Paulo, São Paulo city, Brazil – website:


EBICC 2015 logo

On 2017 the 11th edition of EBICC took place also in University of São Paulo, however the publication of a similar work is still in consideration. I will come back with further news about it.