In 2015 I organized with Osvaldo Pessoa the 10th edition of the EBICC meeting, a workshop style international congress on cognitive science. For this edition we planned a stronger participation of researchers and students in the areas of  cognitive neuroscience, philosophy of mind, cognitive architectures and cognitive linguistics.  Now I came to announce that the annals volume of the meeting is finally available online for download, in this link.

Annals of the X Brazilian International Meeting on Cognitive Science – EBICC 2015

Edited by Joao E. Kogler Jr, Osvaldo F. Pessoa Jr, Joao A. de Moraes
published by the Brazilian Society of Cognitive Science – SBCC – 267 pags – December 2017

EBICC 2015 - Annals

EBICC is an international meeting that has taken place in Brazil since its inception, in 1995. Organized by the Brazilian Society of Cognitive Science, the event is interdisciplinary in nature and brings together researchers in the fields of Cognitive Science and Philosophy of Mind. The EBICC acronym corresponds to the initials of the Portuguese words used to name it: Encontro Brasileiro Internacional de Ciência Cognitiva (in English: International Brazilian Meeting on Cognitive Science).

The 10th EBICC, organized and promoted by the Brazilian Society of Cognitive Science – SBCC, with the partnership of the Polytechnic School of Engineering of the University of São Paulo, took place on 7 – 11 December 2015, at the Polytechnic School of Engineering, in the campus of the University of São Paulo. The meeting, with a workshop style, comprised keynote conferences and roundtables for debates with experts. Its daily communication sessions featured oral presentations of complete works selected by reviewers from the scientific committee and a poster exhibition.

The central theme of the meeting was “situated and embodied cognition: information and autonomous action”. This theme focuses on the situated and embodied view of cognition. The presented talks and works comprised also additional alternative views treated in the conferences and discussions.

EBICC 2015 logo

On 2017 the 11th edition of EBICC took place also in University of São Paulo, however the publication of a similar work is still in consideration. I will come back with further news about it.