I’m using this weblog to share (and, hopefully, discuss) some ideas about machine intelligence, that has been my research subject in the last years. It is a wide and deep matter, multidisciplinar and comprising many specialized sub-areas of study. My particular involvement has been with the following sub-areas:

  • Computer vision and image processing – studies how to represent, process and make inferences from sets of images and video (image sequences), usually gathered via a computer controlled process called imaging, the image capture process.
  • Machine vision – it is almost the same as above, but the term is usually employed to refer to application areas, such as robot vision, automated visual inspection, automated surveillance, computer-aided visual diagnosis in biomedical and forensic imaging, satellite image analysis, automated microscopy, etc.
  • Pattern recognition and machine learning – studies how to represent, detect and analise patterns in data sets, by means of statistics, neural networks, heuristics and logical-theoretic methods.
  • Computational intelligence – is the study of the computational aspects involved on intelligent behavior and processes exhibited in nature and that hopefully could be imitated or developed by machines. This involves the modeling of intelligence, perception, cognition and related processes. Here, the targets are not only the individuals themselves, but also their associations and the evolving environment in which they are embedded. So, under this subject we study artificial intelligence, evolutionary computation, artificial life, swarm intelligence and many other related issues.

In doing this job I’ve gotten involved with several other matters, like complex dynamic systems, chaos, statistical mechanics, neuroscience, semiotics, mathematical theories of information and targeted to many subjects, like the interpretation of art, the creation of animated characters, intelligent robot control, etc. I can’t really complain about not having variety and novelties in my work. I find it a pretty exciting job.


I also have teaching activities in my job at the university. They take place at the electronic systems department of the school of engineering. These are in the fields of electric circuits, electronics, instrumentation and automation. I’ll treat these subjects in a separate blog, in Portuguese, my country’s language. However, some particular postings will be done here, concerning issues like LabVIEW programming,

I sometimes give courses at the computer science department of the mathematics and statistics institute at the university, on matters more directly related to my research field.

Other subjects

Occasionally I’ll put here some material concerning other areas that touch marginally my work and also some posts on general matters, curiosities that I found interesting to share, etc.

Why in English ?

As I told before, I live in a Portuguese speaking country. So, why did I decide to write in English ? Well, I could give at least two reasons. First, because I need to practice to communicate ideas in English. Maintaining a weblog is better than just writing papers, to achieve language proficiency. Here I’ll be not only expressing ideas, but I’ll be sensing the feelings they cause on others. Communication is a game, an interplay of ideas and feelings. Thus, your comments are welcome, so this game could be played !

A second reason to use English is because I want to reach people on any country and it seems to me very probable to find an English speaking person somewhere. English is very accessible and widespread among students and researchers, to whom I am mainly writing.


I hope to receive comments that have relevant adherence to the posted issues, technically oriented or not. I don’t care about the level of technicality on the comments, and on my part, I will vary in the deepness of the postings and probably will make many mistakes. So, in this case, please, correct me or discuss your disagreements with what I have said. In case you don’t like my English, feel free to help me improve it.

The weblog edition tools enables us to delete posts, so I’ll preserve many of the relevant ones and delete others without warning. Nevertheless, feel welcome to send messages and comments.

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